Cardinal Sin

As we've expected the past week or so, Pete Rose has finally admitted he bet on baseball games. It's all part of the publicity campaign for his new autobiography (that someone else wrote -- at least he hasn't complained that he's been misquoted).

[[In fact, the story of Rose's pending admission, and an unsavory deal struck with MLB, broke back in August.]]

Now that Charlie Hustle has admitted to what amounts to baseball's cardinal sin, it should be clearer than ever that this man should never, EVER be allowed onto a field again, into a clubhouse, or into the Hall of Fame. Not only did he commit the worst act possible (in the baseball universe, that is), he lied about it and called his accusers liars.

I hope Bart Giamatti's got his heavenly cable TV service working; he'd love to hear Rose's confession. Fay Vincent, too, and John Dowd.

Rose has had his chance for a second chance. He had 15 years to come clean. He's only now doing so in service of selling a book. Now that he's popped his head out of the spider hole of deceit, let's judge him not on sentimentality or nostalgia, and let's not wail "Hasn't he suffered enough?" Let's judge him according to the facts that are finally out in the open. And those facts point to getting him out of baseball forever.

Good riddance, Charlie Hustle.


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