Big Spenders

John Shea of the SF Chron has a piece in yesterday's paper that compares the free-agent spending of the Orioles and Angels. It's the first piece I've seen that gets beyond the breathlessness of big numbers and big names and concludes that the Orioles are doing what they've often done in recent years: throw big money after big free agents without a coherent plan. Granted, Shea's analysis isn't that deep; for example, he calls Ponson's short stint in a Giants uniform a "bust" because he went 3-6 but doesn't mention that, in general, he pitched quite well. But he lines up the Angels' acquisitions -- Guillen, Vlad, Colon, Escobar -- with the Orioles' -- Tejada, Ponson, Lopez, Palmeiro -- and concludes that the Angels had a plan, while the Orioles just had a big checkbook.


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