Some People Say Not to Worry About the Eyre

Scott Eyre is on board for two more years, for $1.025 million in 2004 and $1.425 mil in 2005. That's a quarter-mil less than I had estimated for 2004, so the payroll total now drops to $75 mil.

It might also hasten the departure of Jason Christiansen and his $2.4 million on the books for 2004. Two tough lefties malos out of the pen would be nice, but Eyre's contract may preclude it.

By the way, I mentioned a couple days ago that Eyre's 2003 peripheral numbers were not a good sign for a reliever who comes in with lots of men on base. Au contraire, according to the Giants' Web site:

Eyre was seventh best in the league at stranding inherited runners, leaving 78 percent on base. He also held left-handed batters to a .219 average.

Well, alrighty then.


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