Shelby Nugget

As Steve Shelby of the Daily Giant Planet noted yesterday, Brian Sabean was on KNBR and said the Giants had exceeded their payroll limit. Sabean also noted that he's not planning to trade Torrealba, as the Yorvit-A.J. combo is one of the best in the biz. My guess is that's Sabean-speak for, "Oops, I should have traded Yorvit BEFORE I traded for A.J." Or "I really tried to trade Yorvit, but everyone realized he was Neifi Perez with shinguards, so I traded for A.J. and Yorvit is back where he belongs, as the backup catcher."

Other tidbits:

- Let me tell you something: The Benito has landed. KC signed Benny to a two-year deal worth $4.3 mil plus lots of incentives.

- Worrell got $5.5 mil over 2 yrs from the Phils. Assuming Nen comes back full-bore (no assurance), Sabean did very well to go with Herges in the set-up role for less than half the money. If Nen doesn't come back strong, Herges could close, too, but the rest of the ranks will be thin: Felix, Christiansen, Brower, Eyre and Zerbe (and/or whomever they pick up for peanuts between now and April 1). Trading for Herges was Sabean's best move of the summer; resigning him on the cheap has been the best move of the winter.


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