Rumor Mill

According to the Merc, the Giants haven't even approached Rich Aurilia to negotiate, signaling that he's all but gone. That we figured. But then the paper reports that the G's are also shopping Neifi Perez. Zippity-do-dah! Then the paper says they're not interested in Kaz Matsui, which naturally leads us to assume Miguel Tejada is in their sights. Or Cody Ransom. Or Craig Counsell. Or Lou Seal. Or...

Meanwhile, over at first base, JT Snow is in the same position as Aurilia. The Giants are just getting around to talking with his agent, but it doesn't look promising. However, the team has had discussions with the agent of Todd Walker, hoping to sign him and move him to first base.

I take all this stuff with a grain of salt so large I get high blood pressure just thinking about it. As Kevin Towers told a reporter recently, Brian Sabean has a habit of pulling things out of nowhere. It's possible he doesn't use the media to float rumors for strategic purposes, which is what most reported rumors are -- very deliberate placement of information by one party or another looking to gain some sort of negotiating advantage.


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