Mis Sentimientos Exactamente

Rob Neyer weighs in today on Kaz Matsui and the Giants' latest moves. Here's the kicker, as we say in the hack biz:

But man, the Giants are looking at a lineup that includes Neifi Perez, Michael Tucker, and a few other has-beens who were not cast off by the Royals. As things stand now, the Giants will be hard-pressed to win 85 games next year. Then again, 85 games might be all it takes to win the NL West.

Neyer also speculates that the Giants signed Tucker before the arbitration deadline -- thereby surrendering a draft pick -- because they don't want high draft picks. High draft picks demand too much money and rarely pan out. Wow. That's the only explanation I've read so far why Sabean would so blatantly and so unneccessarily cough up a pick like this. And if the Giants are throwing draft picks on the campfire then pissing on them for good measure, it's a grim sign that the payroll reduction plan is part of longer-term marching orders.


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