Malo Mysteries Revealed

At the end of October I posed my own top ten free agent questions. Several have been answered.

*Today, Jose Cruz Jr. came to terms with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays -- two years, $6 mil -- the equivalent of appearing on the Sally Jesse Raphael show to admit your past sins and start the long slow crawl back to acceptance in the American public eye.

*Rodney Beck re-signed with the Padres, where he'll be Trevor Hoffman's set up guy but also closer insurance in case Hoffman hits a bump in recovery.

*Who got more? Guardado or Hawkins? Eddie by a couple mil: $13 to $11. (Both got 3-year deals.)

*Will Li'l Kenny get respect? Looks like it. He should be leading off and playing CF for the Yanks next year, bumping Bernie Williams to DH. That's respect.


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