Dustan in the Wind

Reports this morning out of the Big Sleazy say the Giants have traded a player to be named later for the Twins' Dustan Mohr. That makes for a Dustan and a Dustin on the roster. Or, if you will, one Mohr Dustan for the Giants.

I don't know much about Mohr, but I don't like what I see: a lifetime .319 OBP/.408 SLG for a guy who'll turn 28 in June. He also struck out in nearly a third of his 2003 at-bats. I know, strikeouts aren't necessarily bad (see Mike Cameron), but they are if you don't get on base very much in the first place. Mohr puts the ball in play very infrequently.

The good news: he's cheap. The bad news: he's not very good. The good news: he's right-handed and will be a much better option off the bench against lefties than Michael Tucker. The bad news: He's still only lifetime .716 OPS vs lefties. The good news: As of right now, the Giants haven't actually traded anyone for him. Maybe the Twins will forget they're supposed to get someone back. Or maybe the PTBNL is Michael Tucker!


Salary update: I'm waiting to hear if Mohr is arb-eligible or if the Giants can resign him at the league minimum, but for now I've put him on the Opening Day roster list at an estimated $500,000. I've also found a site called Ahead of the Curve (thanks to Waiting for Boof) that has different salary info than the MLB Contract site I've been using--even though Ahead credits the MLB Contract site. For example, MLB Contracts says Barry Bonds is due $16 M in 2004, plus a $4 M signing bonus, minus $5 M in deferred money. That would make $15 M in actual checks signed. Ahead says Barry gets $21.5 M in 2004.

Goins strictly by Ahead's calculations, the Giants potential opening-day roster will be paid an estimated $82.5 M. That doesn't seem right, although Sabean did say the other day that he's already gone overbudget. I'm going with that for now, but I'll keep my eyes peeled for more definitive data.


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