Do the Math

So far this off-season, the complicated calculus performed by Giants fans trying to determine the direction of Our Fair Franchise --

[[(Neifi - Aurilia) + Herges(2x) - (5.5Worrell/2) + A.J.(ArbX) Tucker(vsRHP - vsLHP)/sqr*1st-rd-draft-pick * THG]]

-- has been even more twisted by the obvious fact that the rest of the division is getting worse. Curt Schilling, begone. Kevin Brown, good riddance. Hellooo Jeff Weaver and Casey Fossum. There's a good chance the Dodgers will trade LoPuka, too. Huzzah! I'm sure the Dodgiz will upgrade at the winter mtgs or beyond, but the Giants are right to insist, as they always do, that they'll compete for the division crown.

Problem is, I'm not really that excited by a division crown anymore. I want an ownership that wants to win the World Series, Steinbrenneresquely, rabidly, every single year.


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