All-Non-Tender Squad

From this list, one could assemble two-thirds of a team that might give the Devil Rays a run for their money. (I'll try not to include players who have signed or are about to sign with the clubs who non-tendered them, a la Michael Barrett and Mark Redman.) Pretty thin gruel, not much to put the fear of market saturation into the Greg Madduxes of the world:

C: S. Wooten
1B: R. Simon
2B: M. Anderson
SS: Lou Meloni
3B: R. Branyan
OF: J. Payton
OF: G. Kapler
OF: D. Dellucci
Bench: J. Tyner, D. Jackson., K. Garcia

SP: O. Hernandez
SP: J. Johnson
SP: D. Moss

RP: C. Politte
RP: B. Looper
RP: J. Fikac
RP: S. Sauerbeck


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