Ahead of the Curve

I just got mail from Walt, the man behind Ahead of the Curve, the site with the spanky cool salary info. Walt explains that his data's still a wee jumbled up between luxury-tax figures and actual-dollars-paid figures, and that he's working on separating the two. It's already a cool resource -- he has the 40-man rosters for each MLB team and the contract status of each player extended nearly until the end of the decade. A massive undertaking, and it'll be even better when the two different calculations are sorted out.

I can't wait, because I have a lot of work to do, and I'm in constant need of fresh sources of procrastination.

Walt explains the Bonds discrepancy: in actual dollars paid, Barry will receive $15.5 M (that's $20.5 with $5 deferred til 2009). For luxury tax computations, Barry is receiving $18 M (the total value of the contract divided by the total number of years).

For the purposes of the tote board to your right, I'll stick to actual dollars paid, since I assume when the Giants say payroll will be in the mid-70s, they mean actual dollars paid, not an assessment against a potential luxury tax. So Barry's back down to $15.5, and the Giants are still in the high 70s. (Adjustments to other figures may follow; that's why the running total is estimated.)


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