Travis, Not Feliz

My co-conspirator Elbo elaborates on his Travis Lee post of a few days back. He's almost got me, good God, hoping the Giants sign Lee. He writes:

I think Pedro Feliz is good for .240/.285/.450 at best, as an everyday
player. I see his career ending in about three years, unless he catches on
as a Lenny Harris type.


Similar Batters through Age 28
1. Mike Blowers (971)
2. Todd Greene (952)
3. Al Ferrara (952)
4. Chris Truby (951)
5. Mike Kelly (948)
6. Archi Cianfrocco (947)
7. Ed Spiezio (947)
8. Sean Berry (945)
9. Bob Bowman (944)
10. Mike Diaz (943)

Not a worthy everyday first baseman among them. Pedro is most useful as a
pinch-hitter and bench player; he is somewhat useful in the field at 3B, but
we have one of those.

Now, as for Travis Lee;


Similar Batters through Age 28
1. Ken Henderson (944)
2. John Milner (943)
3. Vic Saier (943)
4. Don Baylor (937)
5. Willie Upshaw (935)
6. Earl Torgeson (933)
7. Phil Todt (931)
8. Ruppert Jones (929)
9. Johnny Briggs (928)
10. Wally Joyner (924)

Doesn't that inspire a little more hope than Pedro's list? Lots of scrubs
there, but also a few lifers.

Also, this:

P-Hap 26 131 .20
T-Lee 379 562 .67

That's downright embarrassing for Pedro. In 2003, his ratio actually
DROPPED. I just can't imagine him learning to hit anytime soon. (As I posted
one time, there is no everyday player over 29 with a worse BB/K ratio than
.26, and it's Jose Hernandez.)

I suppose T-Lee would demand a multiyear deal, or at least some multiyear
options, but look, he just got bounced by the Devil Rays. He can't ask much.

I'm not thrilled at the prospect of having Travis Lee as the 1B -- far from
it. But I think he might be the best inexpensive option, and I'd rather root
for T-Lee than P-Happy, that's for sure.

Having both for $1m apiece... well, all right, as long as Pedro is confined
to PH and bench roles. Maybe start against some lefties. Um, do we get
Galarraga too?


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