I'm Schill Lovin' You

Or so Theo Epstein is apparently singing this evening as he waits for Curt Schilling to approve a deal between the D-Backs and Red Sox. It's contingent upon the Sox and Schilling working out a contract extension. The Sox would get Schilling and trade Casey Fossum, Brandon Lyon, lefty hurler Jorge de la Rosa (who just got a nice write-up from ESPN.com's John Sickels under the headline "Red Sox Have a Keeper") and outfield prospect Michael Goss.

My first reaction: Woo-hoo! Casey Fossum, meet Barry Bonds. According to my Sox fan friends, Fossum lost his curve and became a one-pitch pitcher in 2003.

My second reaction: The Giants didn't do so well against The Big Schill (the last three years: 3.16 ERA, 94 IP, 109 Ks, 69 hits, 20 BBs), so I'm thrilled he's out of our division. There's always the chance one of the pitching prospects will turn into the D-Backs next ace, but it's not a good chance. At least not right away. Just for comparison: The D-Backs traded Travis Lee, Omar Daal, Nelson Figueroa and Vincente Padilla for Schilling. Only Padilla performed well. (For a mini-time warp, check out this column by Tom Verducci about the July 2000 Phils/D-Backs deal.)

My third reaction: Pedro and Schilling and D-Lowe...not bad at all.

Reaction #4: George isn't going to be happy.

Fifth and final reaction: Do the Red Sox have anyone at all left in their minor leagues?


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