Faux Blogs

Elbo passes along a link to a John C. Dvorak column -- he's an old techie journalist who looks like Brian Dennehy and bloviates like Chris Matthews -- in which he claims the blog world is full of dilettantes and corporate phonies who will either abandon their whimsy out of boredom or sour the grassroots revolution with their stealth corporate agendas.

He also cites a study that most blogs have all of 12 readers or so.

Being a newbie blogger but also a professional writer, I seem to be assigned to the lowest rung of Dvorak's Inferno. Watch out -- I'm actually injecting subliminal AOL Time Warner worldview into my posts. And Elbo...I'm not sure about that guy...when he writes "Travis Lee," what he really means is "General Electric war machine."

Now if we can only get our readership into double digits, we'll really be on to something. Mom, can you forward this to all the ladies in your cross-country ski group?


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