Series 3

It doesn't look good for the Marlins, does it? Their ace pitches a great game and loses and won't pitch again til game 7; Aaron Boone proves a better 8th place hitter than Alex Gonzalez. Pudge is contained once again. Jeter's got his big-game mojo working.

(Side note: Did anyone else notice that Beckett looks a lot like Jason Schmidt, except Schmidt's ten times uglier? Same fastball, similar change-up -- Schmidt's is better -- and Beckett throws a curve instead of a slider. Amazing how it takes one guy nearly a decade to figure out his stuff, while another guy is 23, facing the Yankees in the Series, and throwing lights-out.)

So writers who are forced to make definitive statements every day, either by their editors or by their own need to torture their readers with useless blather, say it doesn't look good. But it didn't look good for the Marlins after game 1 of the division series, and it didn't look good for them after going down 3 games to 1 to the Cubs. Pavano vs. Clemens, tonight's pitching matchup, isn't a mismatch the way Kevin Kennedy seemed to think last night. Don't count the Fighting Fish out until the Yankees are dogpiling on the mound.


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