Malo Mystery #1...Solved!

A few days back I posted my own top-10 offseason free-agent questions, which I would link to if I could figure out these #@^%& permalinks. Just like that, White Sox GM Kenny Williams has gone and answered my very first one by picking up Esteban Loaiza's $4 million option. I had reported it as $3.5 million, but let's not quibble, amigos mios. Four million bucks for a guy who in his previous seven big-league years had posted an ERA under 4.50 only once. And that was 4.13.

As this and other answers to El Lefty's preguntas come clear, I will rate the quality of the move. The ratings: Muy bien, bien, mezzo-mezzo, malo, really malo.

Paying Loaiza $4 million in 2004: Malo.


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